Essential Oils

Welcome to the Sri Sai Agro Forest Seeds and Plants ! You have found the Exporter & Supplier, direct source for Essential Oils. As a leading essential oil company, you can find confidence in our vast distribution network and experience in essential oil.

Forest Tree

Sri Sai forestry has been specializing in growing tree seeds for commercial forestry, gardening, and nurseries. We offer a wide range of seed species that are available in the highest quality and at competitive prices. Sri Sai Forestry is a company known for its quality seeds of native and exotic trees. Our advanced infrastructure and world-class production facilities allow us to offer supreme quality of forestry seeds to our esteemed clients. Our company produces a comprehensive range of Victorian plants, from native grasses to large trees seeds for wholesale nurseries, landscape projects and gardens all over India.

As one of India's largest and most established seed merchants, we have a diverse range of customers from different cities and states. Sri Sai Services have worked with many organizations and individuals on a large scale revegetation projects such as distributed land a one stop shop for all tree habitation, forestry plantation, highways, farm forestry and other planting projects. Our professional staff also provides suggestions on topics like how to grow plants and how to keep them safe.

Avenue Tree

Sri Sai forestry also provides Avenue trees seeds that are planted on roadsides, parks and boundaries. Avenue trees are tall, beautiful and fast-growing trees that provide shade for walkers and shelter for many animals from direct heat and rain. Avenue trees are amazing choices for gardens and highways because they aren’t only good at surviving in extreme weather conditions but they are also decorative, bright and maintain good atmosphere too.

We pride ourselves on professional and affordable services that will keep our planet green and safe. Since our inception, we are providing high- quality avenue tree seeds for individuals and corporate clients. As one of India's largest and most established seed merchants, we have a diverse range of customers from different cities and states. We are supplying the best grade seeds to our clients at a reasonable price.

Flowering Tree

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Garden Flower Seeds from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We are specialized in the supply of wholesale flower seeds and garden flower seeds. Flowers seeds are utilized for meadow planting, roadside planting, home gardening, balconies and landscaping. Sri Sai Forestry offers an extensive and curated collection of high-quality flower seeds and gardening plants. We are dedicated to enhancing the look of your gardens, highways, and balconies. Moreover, we provide great products with excellent customer support. Our range of Indian flower seeds can bloom in even in hardest weather conditions.

We have flower seeds available for each season of the year and also flowers that bloom all year round. Our flower seeds are extremely demanded among resellers, garden centres, farm seed dealers, landscape professionals, organizations and individuals. We provide hassle-free, quick delivery services to our clients and are focused on customer satisfaction without compromising on quality.

Fruits Seeds

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Fruit Seeds from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. At Sri Sai Forestry, we stock an extensive range of seasonal, rare and exotic fruits. We never use harmful pesticides, chemicals, herbicides for growing the seeds and believe in offering 100% organically grown seeds and plants. Our company is a client-centric firm that strives to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing them with high quality organic, fresh and healthy fruit seeds at a competitive price. Our range of tropical fruit seeds from around the world is highest in purity and germination capability that is ensured by our rigorous quality control.

Grass Seeds

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Grass Seeds from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We provide grass seeds including Alfa, Hedge Lucerne, Buffelgrass, Deena Nath grass, Elephant grass, White maize, Hamata, Scabra, Agasti, Subabul, SSG, Gliricidia, and Persian Lillian. Grass seeds are highly demanded sports field, lawns erosion control, and for gardens. We are one of the premier suppliers of high-quality flower seeds that serve our clients nationwide. Our company is committed to offering the cheapest and most successful seeds solutions for our all clients in India.

We have become a trusted seed supplier by providing the highest quality grass seeds at competitive prices. We offer grass seeds for agriculture, lawn and landscaping, paddock, sports fields, corporate and residential turf and many more sectors. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing them with unmatched quality seeds solutions and customer support. We are always improving our service quality and focused on our aim through our expertise, passion and unique approach.

Timber Seeds

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Timber Seeds from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We offer a comprehensive range of organically grown timber seeds. We stock the best quality of timber seeds including Acacia Cracicarpa, forest mangrove, new teak wood, Pink Cedar, Haldu, Black Siris, Rosewood, Shivan/Gummadi teak, Malabar neem/Vepa, Bijasal/Agisa, Red Sandal, Chandan/Srigandam, Mahogany, Teak/Sagwan and many more. We sell hundreds of timber seeds that are widely used in many applications. We promise to offer fresh, top-quality seeds from our trusted producers. All timber seeds are tested for purity, germination and vigour before being offered we sell them online to our clients. Timber trees are an essential part of the agroforestry system and grow fast if the watering and weather conditions are good enough. Contact us if you are looking for quality approved timber seeds.

Bamboo Seeds

Ficus Seeds

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Ficus Tree Seeds from Bangalore, Karnataka, India.Ficus or fig is a genus of trees in which more than 800 species of trees and shrub exist.Ficus trees are native to Australia, India and Southeast India. Most of the ficus tree seeds don’t requiresoil covering to germinate and tropical or greenhouse conditions are ideal for them to grow faster. Ficustrees are highly demanding in indoor planting as decorative trees and they have high viability withexcellent germination rate. Most of the ficus trees are evergreen and proper sunlight, soil, pruning andfertilization is essential for them to grow healthy. In the lack of proper sunlight, they’ll grow slowly andhave long stems which make them unattractive.

Medicinal Plant Seeds

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Medicinal Plant Seeds from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Shree sai forestry presents a comprehensive collection of herb and medical plant seeds at best possible price. We stock the extensive range of medical plants seeds in India and offer a unique and amazing selection of more than 10 medical herb seeds. The entire growth and germination of these medical plants depend on soil quality, proper maintenance, and weather conditions. We take pride in providing the choicest line of herbal seeds that comes from our trusted vendors. Our aim is to inspire and empower folks to take their responsibility towards Mother Nature. Our high-quality seeds and skilled staff is the force behind our continuous growth and reputation.

Road Divider Plant Seeds

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Road Divider Plant Seeds from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We sell plant seeds for roadside planting. Trees not only improve the looks of our highways but they provide oxygen, improve air quality, conserve water, climate amelioration and support wildlife. We provide seeds of native plants Gulmohar seeds, yellow bell tree, Thevetia, Senna auriculata and Acacia holosericea. Since we are in this industry, we have served a large number of clients including nurseries, organizations, NGOs, farms and also provided seeds for govt. projects. We strictly follow our principles to make this plant green and provide cost-effective seeds solutions to our esteemed clients. You can browse our wide range of natural plants that give highways a stunning look while saving our cities from pollution and providing life.

Aerial Seeding Species

Shree Sai Forestry is one of the most trusted seeds suppliers in Karnataka,India. We are a well-established seed merchant that is providing the best quality seeds to restore thediversity, health and productivity of our Indian landscapes. We also provide Aerial seeding, in which wespray seed balls using drones, planes and helicopters. We offer an extensive range of seed ballsincluding Tamarind, Subabul, big bamboo, Hameta, Pongamia, desi babul, neem and many more. Aerialseeding is one of the safest, fastest, most efficient and economical way to spread seeds on a large areaor forest.

Seed Ball Spices

We are Prominent Manufacturer, Dealer, Supplier and Exporter of Seed Balls from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Shree Sai forestry strives to make gardening easy for people, that’s why we provide seed balls. Seed balls make it more accessible, fun and also provide protection to the seed from birds, critters and weather conditions. Seed balls are ideal for nature centres, universities, and planting celebrations on the environment or earth day. We are focusing on saving the environment by reducing the cost of planting trees and providing healthy seed balls to our clients. We are able to offer bulk seed balls to large and small organizations at competitive prices. We use nutrient-dense soil and clay for creating seed balls that protect seeds from predators and grow healthy trees and flowers. Seed balls are the best way to promoting plant life without doing a ton of work on traditional planting.